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You know that satisfaction you get from having “a lunch place” or a “coffee spot” that not everybody knows about, but always blows you away with just how awesome everything is? Yeah, I love that too. While not a huge secret anymore, The Bestro is just such a place, and if you’re unfamiliar with the tremendous coffee and eats they serve up, you’d do well to find out for yourself!

Owner Curt Beatty had a dream of opening a coffee bar to compliment his flagship business, BES Lighting, when he moved the showroom into Tuscany Square in November of 2007. The idea was to provide his showroom guests with an outstanding shopping experience, by offering them coffee, tea, and snacks as they shopped for their home furnishings, often spending hours picking out the perfect lighting, wall décor, and accents. These plans would unfortunately be thwarted, as recession hit the country, making it economically impossible to expand into the unknown territory of food and beverage. But the thought lingered…

Fast forward to 2017, when Curt, along with his wife Darci, decided to put in motion the plan of opening that coffee shop. Their daughter Cassidy had dreamed of owning her own coffee shop and was working as a barista at a local Starbucks. This was the push they needed to make that dream a reality.
That year, Curt signed the lease to Suite 4, and began work on what would become The Bestro. After crunching number and doing research the Beatty’s decided it just wasn’t viable, they would not be able to support the expense of the place offering coffee alone. So rather than scrap the idea altogether, they decided to do the only sensible thing. Go bigger!

In September of 2018, The Bestro opened their doors to the community, offering guests an incredible selection of coffee options, with their concoctions being made with locally crafted Dark Canyon coffee beans. What really set them up for success, was their delicious and unique array of sandwiches, soups, and handcrafted treats. The Bestro always has a sweet treat lineup that simply can’t be found anywhere else in Rapid City, including several Keto options that are not only healthy, but absolutely phenomenal! Each week, a new lunch feature is announced that sets the bar high for sandwich lovers. At the time of this write up, the lunch special was a Tandoori chicken melt. Who does that??


Darci and her crew create some amazing good eats, that you just don’t find at your run-of-the-mill café. And yes, the coffee is amazing!

“As far as what the Bestro has become, all credit goes to my wife.” You said it Curt, and we’re thankful we found this gem!

You can stay up to date with all the amazing eats being offered at the Bestro, and follow their awesome social media presence, by liking them on Facebook at The Bestro, and checking out their Instagram at Bestro on Insta.

You can also order online  or see menus at The Bestro is located at 333 Omaha Street, suite 4, connected to BES Lighting. For inquiries, you can also call 605.388.2450

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